Friday, July 12, 2013

double bonus points

Once upon a time, [in our little world,] there was a mom who told her kids they could have bonus points for doing pretty great things.

I stopped by my parents house for an afternoon mid week, kids in tow.
I asked them to do something they weren't really clamoring to do.  I offered bonus points, and they all rose to the challenge.
My dad then asked me about cashing in the points: 
"What will they get," he wanted to know?
At that exact moment, I had nary an idea, and he laughed.
He's got stash, and he had my back.
On the ride home from Grampy's house, the kids enjoyed a pretty sweet treat.
This week Morning Boy and Leeli had swimming lessons at the town beach every morning.  The session is scheduled to run two weeks, but mid week I realized that we were not going to make the second half.  On Friday, I asked the swim instructors about the possibility of testing out of their levels with only half the session complete.  I asked with no expectations, and they said they'd do their best to observe during the last lesson, and let me know afterward.
When I signed them up for lessons, there had been tears.  Eight-year-old tears.  This caught me off guard.  I was not aware that there would be swimming lesson anxiety.  Leeli got the green light pretty quick.  She was welcome to return next week on testing day to earn her certification.
When Mr. Morning walked out of the water at the end of his lesson, he had on a smile that was wider than his face.  
"Mom, I passed," he yelled to me!  
I was confused.  
"You mean she said you come back next week to test and SEE if you pass," I replied?
"No... I PASSED!" he said happily."
Well... HOW-dee if the instructor hadn't tested him during his lesson on Friday, and he PASSED.  Right then and there.  Morning Boy's next question: 
"Do I get double bonus points?"
And he did.
And they were SWEET.
The end.

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