Friday, August 9, 2013

Antiquing in Maine

Wells, Maine is our spot for antiquing.
 Antique shops are everywhere you look.
I laughed when Morning Boy started poking his fingers into the holes of a rotary dial phone and asked
"How do you work this thing?"
 After I showed him how to dial the phone properly, he was drawn to all the antique rotary dial phones we saw.
 He dialed our 11-digit phone number on EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.
There's something for everyone in Maine.


Jo Jo said...

Very fun! Never have done that! Uncle Jarrod liked your email. He wants me to tell you to take your little almost birthday boy (have you seen his list?) to the PEZ factory in Orange, CT

ellen said...

YOU were at one of my very favorite places!

Buy MB a phone, would ya?!? :)

shirlgirl said...

What a wonderful place to be in Wells! I've been to Wells but never knew about this place. Uncle David and I stayed in Wells in May of 2009. Would have been fun to see this place--for me, anyway.

Melanie said...

As I drove through Maine I wondered how there could be antique stores anywhere else. Maine has so many of them, it's hard to believe that there are any antiques left to sell in other parts of the country! I wish I would have had time to stop into some of the stores, but then again, I'm so sentimental about history and things of the past that I probably would have spent way too much on things I don't need.