Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the night dinner went swimming happily away

When Yonder returned from the wild west, fishing was on his mind.  Morning Boy was eager to accompany him (as was Dub).  They set off one evening to try their luck.  Morning Boy was the only sportsman to snag a fish that night, and BOY! was he proud.  He had purposely declined to eat dinner before they headed out, because he had BIG plans to bring dinner home and fry it up in a pan.  Word has it that after snapping this picture, Yonder gently slid the fish back in the water, and the sudden and very sad weeping and protesting could be heard all across the lake.
  "You put him BACK?!?... 
WHY did you do that?!?... 
That was my DINNER!"  
At home, Dub found some salmon in the freezer and threw it on the barbecue for down-and-out fisherman's consolation dinner.

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LL said...

Laughing!!! I can imagine the shock as he watched his prize catch swim away.