Monday, August 26, 2013

...and they're OFF

Summer was full.
We played and traveled and hosted and hosted and hosted.
Last Thursday Enrique made his way back to UMass.
This morning there was another scheduled departure.
I keep thinking about how much fun these two scoundrels will have as they make their way across America all this week.
Destination: BYU.
Last I heard they were leaving Niagra Falls, New York.
I can't help but think that we did it all out of order.  Maybe we should have hosted the world AFTER the boys transitioned back to college. 
Then the emptiness wouldn't reverberate so much.


Janssen said...

Yeah, they don't look like they are having a good time at ALL.

Doran & Jody said...

Poor boys.

shirlgirl said...

I feel badly that I never got to see Yonder. It's been three years since I've seen him. Maybe the next time he is home I'll have the chance.