Thursday, August 8, 2013

Maine Beaches: we LOVE them

We spent Wednesday in one of our favorite summer spots:
The plan was for some outlet shopping, some beach time, some antiquing and some seafood to cap off the day.
The plan worked.
Our first stop was Freeport.
Did you know LL Bean doesn't lock their doors?
Our current favorite beach is Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit.
Get there early.  Parking spaces are limited.
Footbridge is a popular, pristine beach experience.
We met a French-speaking Canadian family who were talented at carving sports cars out of sand.
They recruited me to take some family pictures of them.
Maine (and the beach) makes us HAPPY.


Jo Jo said...

These are beautiful pictures!

Alana said...

Who's the model in the red swim trunks? You have good looking kids Jen. Looks like fun

Cynthia said...

Was that Enrique's debut on "Bay Watch"?