Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I feel giddy.
I taught early morning seminary today
(I LOVED it by the way)
which made up for it being the first day of school.
We transitioned from seminary to school almost seamlessly. 
9th Grade!
 Except we almost left the Honors Biology Summer work at home (see plant) and then I forgot about taking a picture until we arrived at the door of the High School.  Rooney humored me.  Barely.
And believe me, her first day of school outfit would NOT have been a white tee shirt and jean shorts if she weren't class Vice President, and required to wear the student leader ensemble.
Go Freshmen!
Leeli's a 7th Grader.
She was so organized for back-to-school that she put together all of her little brother's stuff just so she'd have something to do the night before.  She waited and waited and waited for the bus this morning until we almost thought we'd die.  Or have to drive.
(it finally came)
Our 3rd Grader was up at 5:55 am, dressed and ready.
I coaxed him back to bed, turned on a fan for noise (crossed my fingers) and he insisted he wasn't going to go back to sleep... an hour and a half later he awoke with a grin on his face and said he guessed he'd lied.  He caught the bus swooping down from his traditional spot in the tree.

Look at the SENIOR!!
12th Grade never looked so beautiful to me;
the first day of her last year in High School.
We got to hang out at home together until almost 10:00 am, which was the reporting time for older students.  She's going to have a GREAT year--I just know it.


The Mormon Monk said...

I love that photo of Rooney--priceless.

Smilin' sunshine said...

So glad you loved seminary! Can you rub off on me??!!

Aaron H. said...

First day of school pictures...YEA!

Jo Jo said...

Dawn's making me laugh! I agree! Rub off on me! I'm so tired! But your kids are precious!

shirlgirl said...

I chuckled reading about Mr. M. He was really ready to go to school. Hope they all had a great day.

LL said...

LOVE IT ALL!!! We start Tuesday, bittersweet.