Thursday, June 13, 2013

crazy good

It's already Thursday afternoon.
And the rain!
It has been constant.
But WOW is everything lush and verdant.
Because of the foliage, spotting the bus-waiter in his favorite tree in the morning is no simple task.
I heard something about wildfires out west... I can hardly believe there would be such a thing with all the moisture we've had this year.  I wish I could express-ship some where it's most needed.  Except for the chill, on days like this where I drive around and gasp with wonder at the beauty, 
I feel like maybe we might live on the very border of 
THE Garden of Eden.  Truly.
As soon as the last of my four students got on the bus this morning, I ran outside and hopped on the tractor to mow the lawn.  With all my safety gear, I'm a sight to behold.  The grass had grown so much since last week that our yard was looking like maybe we were going to rent animals and host a neighborhood safari.  The rain and I were nose to nose... it was dry when I started, but the skies were threatening.  Just when I was feeling good, wouldn't you know I ran out of gas.  A precious twenty minutes were spent racing to the gas station and back.  The last hour mowing involved a steady drizzle.  The lawn is now looking spiffy and enjoying a shower that is supposed to last another day.
Meanwhile I will admit to succumbing to a mid week break-down.  This time of year gets CRAZY.  Multiply crazy times a crazy-large family... organizing a crazy-fun Ward Father's Day weekend camp out and orchestrating a crazy-top-secret teacher thank you gift.  There's always more.  The list is crazy-long.  The scope of detail management I've been overseeing of late is crazy-intense.  
But with help from multiple villages, 
breakfast dessert
and a Dub (dibs) 
who knows just when to help me breathe 
it's all crazy-good.


Jo Jo said...

Dibs on your Dub is very sweet!

Aaron H. said...

Love the nicknames. Love the individualized tributes more. Love the Dub most.

PS. His nickname for me is UA (pronounced uh-ah)

shirlgirl said...

You were a busy gal, that's for sure. That cupcake looks great!