Friday, April 26, 2013

the RED SOX! and then it's morning

We scored some FREE! tickets to a Red Sox game last night,
thanks to one of Mr. Dub's co-workers who was unable to attend.
 We love Fenway Park...
There's something special about being there in person to experience a game and all of the Boston culture that goes with it.
 Before we left we watched the relief pitcher warming up in the bullpen.  Those guys can really THROW the ball!  The sound of the ball as it hit the catcher's mitt was tremendous.
 We only stayed until the top of the 8th inning...
The Sox were winning 7-2.
We saw Big Papi hit a home run,
participated in a fantastic 5-times-around-the park crowd-wave, saw ourselves on the jumbo screen and
high-fived all of our seatmates in the 5th inning.
At 9:30 pm we left the park, Fenway Franks in hand (yum!).
We had a bit of a walk to Kenmore Square,
two trains to catch,
two kids to get to bed, and school to get up for.
This morning, I'm sure our tired Red Sox fan was thinking about the adventures we had (have you ever been on the green line on the night of a Red Sox game?) from his perch in the tree while he waited for the school bus.
Go Sox!!


shirlgirl said...

Congratulations for getting the tickets and glad you had such an awesome time. Love Mr. M perched in the tree--makes me chuckle.

Jo Jo said...

Mr. M does make me chuckle as well! Fun night! Looks like the weather was beautiful as well!

LL said...

A love a good Red Sox game, especially free tickets :-)