Friday, April 12, 2013

college-shopping: Dream BIG

Sweet Mesquite and I flew to Utah last Thursday to spend a weekend looking at colleges.  She's a junior this year: so grown-up and willing to travel to faraway places.  She will apply to colleges in the Fall... she already knows she wants to go to school in Utah.  This was a trip to help shape her dreams; and because we have Utah connections, it was a super-fun getaway for both of us.  She toured three universities over the course of the weekend:
 The BFF moved out of Massachusetts a few years ago (sad) but now happens to live less than an hour's drive from each of the schools on the list (happy!) and was able to come along. 
 They attended a geography class with Yonder
 as well as an English Class taught by Uncle Z:
(attending his class made me wish it were ME going back to school)
 There was also the obligatory stop at The Malt Shoppe just off-campus where cousin Naomi works.
Of course none of this was without plenty of introspection and pondering on MY part... even though Mesquite is our third little bird in line to leave the nest, it really isn't any less heart-wrenching. When the three of us popped into a Sunglasses Hut "just for fun," it may or may not have been a convenient excuse to mask some of my emotion behind those big ol' Pradas.


The Mormon Monk said...

I wish you were in my class too, Jen!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Are you telling me it doesn't get easier as you go along?

ellen said...

No tears were shed when I went to college.

LL said...

Sometimes this "growing up" part of life is hard on the parents :(
I need a pair of the Pradas :-)

Janssen said...

I so with that I was going back to school too (clearly I'm conveniently forgetting finals, late nights of homework, and constant nagging stress).

shirlgirl said...

Glad you had fun in Utah and saw Yonder, Naomi, Zach, etc. Love the last picture in those glasses--did you buy them? I can't believe she will be going to college either. I remember making her cake for her first birthday--wasn't that yesterday?

Jo Jo said...

That was a GREAT wrap-up! Don't even want to think about anyone else leaving!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh I am so sad I could not meet you this trip.


Good luck to the girls in their endeavors!

Naomi Hutchins said...

Wow. You look oddly like Willy Wonka in those glasses...haha :)