Thursday, April 11, 2013

good tumult

Last week my first-born daughter(love her!)and I took a long weekend jaunt across country.
It's been a full week since we left, and I just today unpacked and put away the suitcase.
In the meantime: 
-a quick visit with my twin sister (hooray!) who was in town for her last few hours
-a foray with some marvelous women to the Boston Temple
-volunteering in my favorite 2nd grade classroom
-school meetings, town meetings, den meetings
-soccer practice, track practice
-traveling birthday party
-community reading day (as SUPERmom!)
-a non-traumatic trip to the dentist
and probably so much more...
it's amazing how life just keeps happening full-throttle, even when you feel the great urge to just STOP.
While we were jaunting about in the wild west,
we rented a sweeeet ride.
Just about every time I looked in the rear view mirror, there were majestic snow-covered mountains looking back.
In the midst of this crazy week, I've been sustaining myself on fun globe-trotting memories.
More on our travels to come.


LL said...

Jenny--were you wearing white before Memorial day? In Utah? You are brave ;-)
You and your travel companion look good! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, can't wait to hear more!
GO UTES! (that's for the college bound girl)

Jo Jo said...

I'm laughing at the white pants comment and forgot my thought! She's naughty!

Jenny said...

You two and the pants!!...
I just need to clear this up.
The pants are pale PINK.
I grew up with a mother who taught me NO WHITE before Memorial Day. I can do it now, but I still pause for a tiny tinge of guilt. :)

shirlgirl said...

Nice shot from the side view mirror--beautiful mountains! Like that sweet ride, too!