Friday, June 7, 2013

Ancestor Day

I love second grade.
I've said it before.
This time I want to point out that I'm really going to miss it.
I guess you could say this is my seventh time through: once for myself, and once for each of the six kids.
I'm a strong believer in parental involvement in the schools... do what you can where you're able.  Our kids have done well in school, but know that being involved comes with parental benefits too:
-Addition and subtraction are no problem.
-I enjoy a WIDE range of literature.
-Reading is my favorite subject.
 -Many creatures that I maybe did not care about (hello piranha and blob fish) are now like extended family.
My organizational skills are emerging.
I pride myself on getting along with others.
Morning Boy is closing out his second grade year with a project that has entailed researching an ancestor and the culture they came from.  With some help from the next generation (thanks Mom), he chose Malcom Douglas Scott and the country of Scotland.
Many hours of study and preparation went into this project; individually and as a class.
Today was Presentation Day.
Here is our wee bonny lad showing a picture of his Great-Great Grandfather Malcom on his mule.  Malcom Douglas Scott was a farmer. He made milk deliveries to residents in his town (Franklin, MA).
 There were lots of interesting facts about Scotland to discover, one of which was very exciting. We are direct descendants of a King of Scotland: John Baliol, king for a brief time circa 1292.  Morning boy wore his Grandfather's McLeod clan Scottish tartan tie.  The lad looked smart!
 He spoke about castles and the Loch Ness Monster. Salmon was the food he picked to share with the class.
 He wasn't thrilled to have to sing on stage and managed to hide behind a girl who covered him nicely.
He was all smiles when they finished.
I'm guessing there won't be many more days of wearing large colored labels on the forehead.  I'm cherishing the moment.


LL said...
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LL said...

2nd grade really magical--it's been a great year!

Anonymous said...

i did Scotland for my second grade report!!!!
Anna H

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Jo Jo said...

Okay, I'm LOL over here over "I'm guessing there won't be many more days of wearing large colored labels on the forehead." I haven't had any, never mind many. His label colors are impressive, his smile infectious!