Sunday, June 30, 2013

Being a saver: no regrets

I have a hard time parting with stuff.
Last night I found myself on the bedroom floor cleaning out my desk.
I had a brown paper bag for recycling paper, and the trash can for, um, well, parting with things that no longer made the cut (an Ingrid Michaelson CD case with no disk in it, a few candy wrappers and some leaf-eared stickers).
I stumbled across a two-page list of notes in Spanish I must have typed in 1988 for my missionary homecoming talk (a keeper!) and a more recent note on pink lined paper that made me laugh out loud.
Mr. Dub was across the room preparing his talk for Sacrament Meeting today.  I brought him the note and told him "THIS is why I save things."  He used the note in his talk this morning, to illustrate the power of compassion in the family.  Two members of our family sitting in the pew were stunned right into a petrified state when they heard him quoting the note over the pulpit.  No one dared move a muscle for fear of being identified.  I'm telling you--these little nuggets (hee hee) come back to enlighten the world.
In the adult Sunday School class that followed, we could hardly get on with the prepared material because everyone was so intent on discovering the identity of the note-writing child.  I took the fall and said it was me.  ("Dear Mr. Dub...")

On the ride home from church, we learned that the note-writer was mad at the offending sibling for having taken the complete set of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books without asking.  Apparently there is a scene in the book that mimics this scenario, thus, in retribution, the note.
In the end, there wasn't much compassion behind the note at all.
We also discussed agency.  (You can fit a lot of discussion in to a 30 minute ride home from church)  You can choose to do whatever you want in life... but you had better be prepared for the consequences, good or bad.  
Good:  a memorable object lesson on compassion that an entire church congregation will remember.  
Bad:  risking discovery of questionable behavior by entire church congregation.  
Here's the note:
This one's going back in the "save" pile.


ellen said...

Only in Boogerburg.

Jo Jo said...

I'm back for a second read. Oh to have been in church!

shirlgirl said...

Oh my goodness! That must have been funny!

LL said...

(and gagging a little)