Sunday, June 9, 2013


 It's Yonder's birthday!
Look how quickly 22 years go...
He STILL feels at home on a bike.
(altho' his dream bike has a fast motor and goes zero to fifty in a few seconds)
He was supposed to be born July 4th weekend, but couldn't wait one day longer.  He was our June 9th surprise and has been rocking our world for 22 years.
 Happy Birthday Big Boy!
I hope your birthday cake requires two fists.


LL said...

That's a fun EARLY surprise. What did he weigh a month early?
Doesn't Taylor Swift sing something about 22? Hopefully Yonder has lots to sing about.

shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Yonder. I don't know where those 22 years went. Hope you are enjoying your day. Love the pictures!!

Jo Jo said...

Love those pictures! Nothing like a sweet toddler view of the past.

Alana said...

Thanks for letting us borrow him on his special day. I will send pictures soon.