Thursday, June 27, 2013

Night Swimming

The good weather seems to have migrated south.
We're okay with it--the garden is getting watered, there's not as much worry about sunburn and we're enjoying the respite from the humidity and temperatures in the 90s that seem to sap the energy right out of a person
(I guess that person would be ME)
Meanwhile, there is swimming to be done.  Maintaining a pool is no small task, and I've told the kids we'll be swimming EVERY DAY this summer.  Ready or not.  (Well, maybe not EVERY day, but you can bet I'll be coaxing them into the pool as much as I can) With daytime temps in the high 60s, it's not super appealing to jump in mid-day.  HOWEVER: when you throw in some cousins, a few packages of glow sticks and the promise of postponing bedtime; swimming suddenly becomes a VERY popular idea.


Jo Jo said...

glow sticks are a great idea...and I like the using the pool every day goal!

shirlgirl said...

Nice way to keep cool and have fun at the same time.