Sunday, June 16, 2013

How We Know Dad Loves Us

It's harder to imagine a sweeter concept than LOVE in the family.
This Father's Day the kids and I worked to create a simple gift for their dad that expresses their gratitude not only for how great he is, but also to show that they KNOW he loves them.
I stumbled upon a fantastic little book early this month, and knew Mr. Dub needed to read it.  It's a sweetly illustrated story about terms of endearment from around the world.
Mr. Dub is not usually a man of many words, but when it comes to his kids, he has a long list of names he uses to let them know they are loved by HIM.  This list grew longer as our kids began to out-populate us.  The names he uses to refer to his kids are MANY.  We decided to compile them and give Dub his own insert in the back of the book.  Really, he deserves his very own book because of the number of way he affectionately refers to his kids, but this will do for now.  I interviewed each of the kids using the same list of questions and asked them to list all of the names their dad uses to refer to them.  Here's what we came up with:
One thing that makes my dad a good dad is: he likes to play with me.  He also likes to lay in bed at night and tell me stories.  The name that my dad calls me is Scooby.  He's really good at fishing.  Some other names that he calls me are Rooby, Roobasaurus, May-May, Little Pimple, Shoomanni and Wind in Your Pants.  My dad is happy when he has Diet Coke and watches American Pickers or The Hatfields and McCoys.
My dad's been my dad for my whole life.  He works as an aircraft engineer designing airplanes that the military guys fight with (like fighter jets).  One name that he calls me is Leeli.  I like the way he treats other people.  Some other names he has for me are Little Princess, Little Pimple, Lamb Chop, Sweetie, Leeli Pants, Leeber Two Thousand and Sweet-Love-Of-Mine.  We are alike because I am his daughter and I look like him.  I really love him.
 My dad calls me Rooney.  He also calls me Swedish Princess, Dodo, Daughter Two, Banshee Hen and Beautiful.  We're alike because he tells me we're both Swedish.  Things that make my dad happy are Kimball's, Dr. Quinn, diet coke and dance parties.  I know my dad loves me because no matter how many times I push him away, he always comes back for more affection.  He's a hard worker for the family and I love him.
 My dad has been my dad for seventeen years.  I like it when we go on car rides together.  One name that my dad calls me is "Ya-Ya."  His dance moves make me laugh.  I like that he's willing to admit when he's wrong.  His motto is "Happy Wife, Happy Life." He's good at fixing things in the house, and can fix just about anything.  Some other names he calls me are Mrs. Pants, Ya-Pants, Daughter #1 and Jenny Junior.  I know he loves me because he often tells me.  I wouldn't rather have any other dad.
 My favorite things to do with my dad are outdoors-y things like hiking, canoeing and cycling.  As for any special names my dad uses for me - [Enrique's] fine.  He's a really good fixer and is good at wood working.  His patience while working with wood is commendable.  He sometimes calls me Kenneth.  His laugh makes me laugh, and we're alike in that we both enjoy making people laugh.  One thing that sets us apart is his hairline.  I know Dad loves me because he always tries to stay in touch with me no matter how bad I am at reciprocating.
My dad always likes to do stuff with me.  My favorite thing to do with him is to play pool.  He's really good at doing chores, but not very good at staying up past 10:00 pm.  One name my dad calls me is Roofio.  Family Home Evening and John Wayne make him happy.  Other names he uses for me are Dufus and Doofy-o.  He and I are alike because we have the same patience level.  We're different because I like motorcycles.  I know he loves me because he tells me.  He's been my dad forever.  I love him.
This crew is loved by their dad and they know it.
Happy Father's Day to our own endearing Mr. Dub!


ellen said...

I had no idea about the Diet Coke!

Jo Jo said...

That is one of my all-time favorite posts ... what a great idea! He does like his nicknames!

shirlgirl said...

A great post and love all the reasons they love their Dad--so awesome! His chest must have been bursting with pride.

LL said...

This was really fun to read!
"Wind in your pants" was a personal favorite.