Sunday, June 17, 2012

getting there (more Camp Joseph)

Arriving at Camp was a HUGE ordeal.
We were loaded to the gills, plus the stuffed roof pack.
With seven large bodies and all our gear, we scraped bottom a few times, which made Mr. Dub slow down and get a tiny bit nervous.  We had to stop three times on the already long drive to Vermont, because there was a disconcerting rubbing noise that we thought might be the tires... After the third stop, I stuck my head out the sun roof and found the culprit; turns out it was that chubby roof pack flapping her straps.  Show off.  
 There was much unpacking to be done.
At Camp Joe, this involves loading up handcarts and trekking your stuff to your campsite.
Actually, when you haven't been to visit Camp Joe in many months, the trekking has an appeal.  Even though hills are involved.
 The cart also comes in handy for gimpy kids.
 Once the work is done, the FUN begins!
 Which includes much eating and relaxing.
 Come and Get it!
(there will be more...)


shirlgirl said...

Nice spread of food. Maybe you should have brought a trailer to put all your stuff in--goodness me, you really packed that van. Hope all had fun.

Jo Jo said...

Fun! Ward camp out? Love that place!

LL said...

HC Lewis (and fam) should have joined...looks fun.