Friday, June 8, 2012

a party in the grass

This morning I received visitors from the land northward.
We did FUN! things together like
-vacuum a week's worth of people mess off the floors
-make the bed
-clean the pool
-take a three mile walk
-eat lunch while sprawled on opposite couches
It's what sisters do best.
Thank you, party sis, for the spontaneous visit!
You and your little sprite brightened my day.


Becky said...

wish I was posing for the picture...cause that's what I do best. POSE! You caught me off guard. :) But I must say, my little sprite is ALWAYS ready for the camera. :)

Jo Jo said...

Wishes were fishes we'd all have a bowlful, and more visits!

LL said...

why didn't she have her polka dot pants on?
Was this a formal day in the grass?

shirlgirl said...

Cute picture, especially the little sprite.