Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to JUNE!
AND it's Friday.
Hooray for the weekend!
Lovely Thoughts:
Only 20 more days until summer officially starts!
The pool is OPEN and ready for business.
(You'd have to be a penguin to want to put more than your toe in it, but our two youngest have adapted, and have been swimming for a week)
Leeli has named her right calf and six of her freckles.  I met the one on her belly.  His name is Tio.
Last night an inactive smoke detector (no batteries) which has been sitting on Mr. Dub's bedroom desk for weeks now, suddenly decided to function at will. At an indecent hour. It was quite shrill and suddenly annoying.  Mr. Dub tried several times to make it stop, then he opened the bedroom window and flung it frisbee-style out onto the grass to deactivate.
That made me laugh.
Piano lessons have ended.  Let the simplifying of the schedule begin.
We ate my first Indian dish for dinner last night, and there was no weeping and wailing.
I didn't add the milk or blend the lentils (because I like some texture with my lentils) and I used vegetable stock instead of chicken broth.  I also made the Naan.  I'm a convert!
The strawberries are ripe and ready for picking.
We be jammin'.
Enjoy your Friday, and Happy June!


Aaron H. said...

I hate smoke detectors and have long since removed them from the ceilings because of such incidents.

Jo Jo said...

Please have your brother add his smoke detectors back in! Laughing over that alarm clock chuck you perfected years ago. In awe that you fixed that dinner!

LL said...

Indian Food--YUM!
Smoke detector frisbee--FUNNY!

shirlgirl said...

I agree with Jo Jo--Smoke detectors are an absolute MUST and life-saving.