Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's no place like home

We felt like we did just about everything we could do as we filled the hours with sightseeing and rambling in the Big Apple.  Times Square,
navigating the train system
enjoying the art
"invitation to prayer" at the American Bible Society
 the NYC ballet
Central Park and Columbus Circle
 (a phone call from the Stake President)
The Public Library at Bryant Park
 and LOTS of fancy cars.
 Besides getting home on Saturday night, we both felt like we had found a sanctuary of safety when we stepped out of the subway and spotted the temple.
 There's just something so comfortable about stepping inside a church building or a temple (or in this case, both!)
to seek refuge from the loud, crazy city environment.
 If we couldn't be home yet, this was the next best thing.
"To all of you I say, “Come to the temple.” It may be that you look forward to the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of going there... to receive your own blessings, and to enter into your own covenants with the Lord. It may be that you have been there once or twice already. It may be that you go frequently. Whatever the circumstances may be, come to the temple."
-Boyd K. Packer


LL said...

Love the calm inside those doors...
Even in NYC

shirlgirl said...

Your trip sounded awesome. Love the license plate on the Maserati!

Jo Jo said...

Perfect! She'll always remember that trip...we're headed there in July!