Sunday, June 3, 2012

Turn your heart

I am married to a man who loves old people and cemeteries and lives the words of this hymn:

"Turn your hearts toward your parents—
Generations gone before."

When we first married, we moved to Bolton and discovered that the town was founded by Mr. Dub's ancestors.  The official town historian shared his name, and we discovered that she was a distant cousin.  At that time in our lives, we became intimately familiar with all historical sites and cemeteries in the area linked to Whitcombs from eleven generations before.
Often, on our way to my parents' home we drive past a tiny little cemetery in Lancaster.  It is here that his eleventh great-grandfather and others are buried.
Today Dub decided to help our youngest two children become
re-acquainted with their grandfathers gone before.
There was some moss and dirt in the letters.  Dub took care to clean them out so the stones were more readable.
 He lovingly shared what he knew about his ancestors with his children, and then taught them about headstones and footstones.
 While Dub got busy cleaning out the letters on the footstone, Morning Boy decided to see how he measured up to Josiah.
 He's pretty tall in 2012... I'm thinking he would have been
a giant seven year old in 1713!
I am in love with Dub and his love for his people...
past and present.


Sherry said...

This warms my little genealogist heart. I think you're really lucky to live so close to such amazingly old tombstones! If you want to show up Dub, have your kids start learning their eight greats. :)

shirlgirl said...

I love the pictures of Morning Boy trying out the area for size--cracked me up! I had an uncle who loved going into old cemeteries in NH--he took us to many looking for his ancestors as well.

Jo Jo said...

What a wonderful SUnday thing to do! Especially when you're connected! I'd love to be there for his reunion!

LL said...

Weren't they looking for a Josiah in Lexington?

Janssen said...

How sweet is this?