Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kickin' it up just a wee notch

In a moment of weakness a month or so ago, I signed up for the adult summer soccer league in town.
I thought about how the "easy going, just for fun" games from last year's season turned out to be slightly more intense.  We were the fun team, though, and despite the angst and injuries, I remembered enjoying the eight weeks of blood, sweat and tears.  Which is why, when Mr. Dub decided not to re-enlist, I recruited Enrique!
 We had our first game last Friday night.
 We started off with a plan,
 and played our best.
 Despite our amazing orange shirts and clever footwork,
 We lost.
We also almost lost two players; one with a direct ball to the eye (gave new meaning to the phrase "keep your eye on the ball")
and one with a torqued knee.
 I maintain that my first priority for getting out there is to have fun, and maybe enjoy some physical activity while we're at it.
Having my son right in there with me?
(thanks, Rooney, for being the team's official photographer)


Jo Jo said...

Best.story.ever! Very cute legs is just a bonus!

LL said...

You're such a great mom--with great legs ;-)
and thumbs up to the camera girl--she's good!

shirlgirl said...

Enjoy the game and stay injury-free!