Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's a good day for remembering.
Today I'm thinking about and remembering family.
We attended a lovely funeral service yesterday in southern Connecticut for Dub's Uncle.
It was a perfect weather day, and so nice to connect with relatives we don't see very often. 
It leaves me remembering why I think so fondly of them, and feeling grateful to have my life touched by theirs.
Uncle Rich was a wonderful man.
Many paid tribute to his character and integrity.
Two of the things that I learned about him yesterday (that I love) are:
He always held his wife's hand when they went to bed at night, no matter the circumstance and even if they were being disagreeable.  Despite the mood, he felt it important to let his wife know of his undying devotion and love for her every single time they said good night.
During his adult life, he enjoyed Oreo cookies and milk EVERY SINGLE DAY.
At the luncheon following the services, his grandchildren passed around cookies and milk, and his wife toasted him.
Here's to YOU, Uncle Rich.


Aaron H. said...

Nice memories of UR.

Jo Jo said...

Beautiful! Very nice

LL said...

Sounds like a very sweet man!

Alana said...

I hope my kids pass around some chocolate chip cookies when I pass