Friday, September 21, 2012

rambling on

Is there anything more tedious than painting windows?  For me, there is not.  I've been procrastinating this chore for weeks.  A good rock and roll station got me through the first coat. (Van Halen and Pink Floyd were my painting pals... I channeled my inner-Enrique for about 90 minutes.) As it turns out, I'm going to be procrastinating the second coat for at least a few more hours, because I have places to be!
Besides, how can I be painting white paint over dirty cream-colored wood (blah) and not get distracted by looking out the window, and noticing Fall, who is creeping into town?
Oh--and there's this: It's Friday!
We have some big celebrations on deck.  One of which happens in 13 days. I'm feeling the need to be ready.  (One must be ready to party at ALL times) I baked cupcakes to celebrate the beginning of another wonderful weekend.  It will be full of soccer and end-of-September New England at her finest.
Won't the kids be much happier to come home to cupcakes, than newly painted windows?
I think so.
And won't the JV soccer team be happy to see these at the end of their game this afternoon?  I submit that they will.
Someone got new soccer shin pads, and they were a bit snug around the ankles.  Stretching them over canning jars seemed like a good idea to get them ready for tomorrow... and then they transformed themselves into a mini marching band... (at a night game)
Oh; and this: I treated myself to a pair of new candles with a bag of candy corn on the side. I've had to separately lecture five people in one house about not mistaking my centerpiece for a bowl of candy. It's a toxic decoration, people!
For the love of Fall.


Pam Flint said...

Lovely! Thanks for the smile.

Aaron H. said...

Get back to work!

rad6 said...

I absolutely LOVE your ramblings. We are still feeling pretty summery out here... but enjoying your fall fun!

shirlgirl said...

Looks good enough to eat!! Especially those cupcakes--Yum!

Melissa Sysling said...

Oh, they'll eat it alright!! Especially Dub

Jo Jo said...

That first picture reminds me of Harry Potter...something's coming this way!