Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's about the way we can work shoulder-to-shoulder and like each other

Mr. Dub and I have been working for quite a little while now on updating our bedroom.  A little bit of paint and some clean, new electrical outlets go a long way.
It really IS the little things that make the difference.
Freshly painted walls, clean white trim, and then there were these nasty, dingy outlets.
But hey--guess what?
I happen to be married to a guy that can swap those things out like some people swap out their shoes
(Ahem. I did some of that today, too.)
 Mr. Dub is not like me. He loves his shoes. He wears them to death. He is very loyal to his footwear... he changes the dingy outlets because I bat my eyes at him. I tilt my head and blink, and he performs manly deeds. I, on the other hand, find the fairly regular shoe swap necessary. Even therapeutic.  These are the adorable Fall wedges Roonie found for me at one of my favorite consignment shops today.
It was post-dental-chair-trauma-therapy. She looks out for me. I count on her to keep my look current.
Darling, no?
I deviate.
Back to Mr. Dub and the room re-do.
It is not just Mr. Dub who is smitten. 
He happens to make my heart go pitter-patter.  Please notice the unintentional yet fetching way he wears paint splatters on his face.
He put down a beautiful new bedroom floor, which is way WAY better than nasty twenty-something-year-old carpet.
 I'm back to staring at the new outlets.
Really, it's about the hands on that tool.
And the man attached.
(lucky me!)


Jo Jo said...

Lovely post. It's wonderful to love a man ;-) And just in time to have pillowcase races with Yonder!

Janssen said...

I approve of those shoes. My payless pair are sitting on the floor of my bedroom right now.

Morgan said...

Lucky wife and lucky husband!! looks awesome in there!! xoxo

shirlgirl said...

The floor looks great! Nothing like sprucing up a room to make one feel better. Loved your post. Your shoes are cute, too! Bless Roonie for thinking of you. How did you make out at the dentist? Just think of what I went through and when you go to the dentist, it should be a piece of cake!!! (Smiling)

LL said...

You guys are a great team! and a fabulous example to each of us.
Hooray for new projects!!!