Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall: When EVERY day's my birthday

I sat in the grass yesterday afternoon, tooth throbbing and all, and I just couldn't help but not care so much that I have dentist anxiety and the girls weren't winning their soccer match.
Really?  With this kind of a show going on in the background?
Nature is crooning and I'm swooning.
 And she's just getting warmed up.
 Today I'm driving to my parents' house. I'm planning to take the scenic route. (I'm also going to pack an extra large bottle of pain reliever in my bag, because I'm procrastinating the call--teensy bit anxious)
Fall, thanks for being here.


shirlgirl said...

Don't procrastinate going to the dentist. There's a reason for the pain and pills only work for a short time. I've never been anxious about going to the dentist--never had a bad experience, even when I smashed my mouth and had to have my front teeth out and go through bone grafting and implants. Sorry you are having teeth problems. I know it isn't fun, but having your own is better than the alternative. Just you aunt concerned for you.

Becky said...

Tooth pain is AWFUL! Speedy recovery soon. xo

LL said...

NO to tooth pain.
I'm sorry!!

Jo Jo said...

Yuck! I'm so sorry! But do not procrastinate! Maybe a little less dessert for breakfast ;-)