Monday, November 28, 2011

we're nothing, if not entertainment for the felines

 So here we are, in the backyard yesterday after church trying to get a family picture for the annual Christmas card.
The cats sat mesmerized by it all. 
First there was the outfit debate:  stay in church clothes or change into what's comfortable?
I figured if they were willing to gather for pictures, let them wear what they want.
Then there was the daughter with a 102 degree fever, who had to be dragged from her sick bed.
Also, the daughter who changed clothes three times, and ran out at the last minute in bare feet because we were all waiting.
And the college student, on the cusp of being returned to his dorm, who couldn't resist the opportunity to pester and tease his sisters throughout the photo shoot.  Most likely as his parting gift to us all.  Nothing says love like badgering your siblings at a photo shoot. 
And me.  Fighting the timer so that I could jump in the shots.
(Dear Santa: I wouldn't mind a remote in my stocking)
I'm telling you.  It was a challenge.
HERE are the fruits of our labors:
 You like this one?
Can you get past the knee-biting?
Well how about the fact that at the last second, Enrique pushed his sister completely out of the frame?
 And then here? 
She leans over for retribution and he ducks out of view.
Here's the one we just may send out.
It captures the family spirit PERFECTLY.
Oh, the fantastic perks of big families.


Jo Jo said...

Funny! And Fun! It will be a good memory if not so good pictures. Actually, I vote for the cat one. It's great!

Smilin' sunshine said...

my vote is for the last one!!! you guys are funny!

Aaron H. said...

Seriously. Send the last one. EPIC.

LL said...

I'm feeling your pain.
oh man, family photos falls under the same list as visiting the dentist.
My kids run and hide.

Becky said...

Last one....seriously. LOVE IT!

shirlgirl said...

Will be hard to choose because you have some missing heads. How about Sam and Sniper? Probably need to regroup your picture. So much for the "family portrait" and being serious. Have fun choosing.

ellen said...

Use the last one.

Doran & Jody said...

Some great shots!
Looks like such a cooperative family!