Wednesday, November 23, 2011

this afternoon i'll be in the kitchen...

baking PIES!
today i am thankful for access to the ingredients of my choice
 key lime
(will you be making pies?)
Happy Day-Before-Thanksgiving!


shirlgirl said...

I might be making a pecan pie. Those pies look yummy, especially that key lime pie. Are you going to make all three?

Joy said...

I'm coming to your house!

Primarymary said...

I am making cranberry sauce
this year, and I'm not going to make a pie. Leanne is making Lemon Meringue pies. We usually have 30 or more pies at my Aunt's House so mine won't be missed.

LL said...


It's funny--with the prep work for tomorrow I feel annoyed that my family expects to eat today. Good grief. :-)

Alana said...

National pie day, you know it. Cherry and key lime coming- well- my way.

Jenny said...

sg-I ended up scrapping the pumpkin for a berry pie (blueberry/raspberry). YUMMY! I didn't use food coloring in my key lime pie, so it looks kind of like ranch dip in a crust. Mmmm.
I also made apple. Pie for EVERYone.


Pm-I love homemade cranberry sauce.

LL-funny. I do remember feeling that way last year. This year I had a contingency plan. Tacos. Easy.

Alana-cherry! That was my next in line, but four pies somehow seemed a little over the top. Enjoy~

shirlgirl said...

I'll bet the "ranch dip in a crust" will be delicious. I've had key lime pie that wasn't green--perhaps more of a cream color but tasted very limey. I'll bet the berry pie will be awesome. I just baked a pecan pie. Yum! Taking that to Alice's tomorrow along with green bean casserole and probably homemade rolls.

Primarymary said...

I ended up making a pie afterall. I made a Bar Harbor Cranberry/ Pecan Pie.