Tuesday, November 8, 2011

one not-so-good and a whole bunch of really good stuff

Having lunch with Enrique was my favorite part of today.
Antionio's in downtown Amherst serves up really awesome pizza--so good that it was hard to pick a slice.  E. settled on bacon mushroom, and I chose black bean and avocado with feta cheese.  Woah.  That won't be my last trip to Antonio's.
Some other favorites were listening to about three hours of General Conference addresses from 2001 while I spent most of my day driving.  Mmmm.  Inspiring speakers, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, blue skies, a 70 degree day and Fall foliage everywhere I looked... it was my birthday all over again.

Originally, I was invited to lunch with my favorite college boy via text message in honor of my birthday.  I was honored!  Then came the late-night text message about needing to see a dentist, because playing tackle football with a bunch of guys on the lawn means getting kicked in the teeth.  
SO we added a side trip to the dentist to our a-Jen-da.
Not so fun was discovering that the tooth had cracked.  All the way through.  Enrique will now be getting his very first crown.
Other highlights?
Talking about college majors and making decisions.
Finding his bike, unharmed, in the same spot he locked it up at before the football game last Saturday.
Giving him a trim in the football stadium parking lot.
Reminding him to say his prayers before I stole another hug and waved good-bye


Jo Jo said...

I'm bummed about the cracked tooth! He's too young for that dentist kind of stuff. Looking very good!

shirlgirl said...

Oh, sorry about the cracked tooth! Not fun. Maybe he'd better wear a mouth guard while playing tackle. I think Uncle David had a few teeth knocked out playing football and ended up with dentures. Glad you had a fun lunch with Enrique, that his bike was fine, and he's looking good!!