Thursday, November 17, 2011

On my honor

I promise
to do my duty 
to be a better scout mom
(to comb down that rooster tail)

Third time's a CHARM(er)!


Jo Jo said...

That looks like a healthy pack! How fun for Mason. Love the Tiger program - go gettem' Mom!

Michael Stokes said...

Roster Tails unite! i remember hair :-)

LL said...

He is too cute--and I normally can't look past rooster tails :-)

Alana said...

The hair reminds me of David's continual sprout on his head. Go get'em Mason.

shirlgirl said...

Love that rooster tail! That's funny, and he's so cute.

Becky said...

Three times...I'm having anxiety about TWO times. Something about the scouting program...He's cute though, rooster tail and all!