Tuesday, November 22, 2011

behind the scenes

it takes a village 
to make a 50th anniversary party 
come together...
 so... good thing our family alone constitutes what could be the population of a small village.
 I love the fun that happens when 
family unites.
 there's even some magic in the OCDness
of vegetable cutting and arranging when women spend many hours in the kitchen together.
 and the girls!
the hair!
the dancing!
 the whole crew banded together 
and jobs got done.
 speaking of jobs, next time you need white lights strung in a warehouse-sized hall, 
let me know.  
I know just who to call.
 with the ambiance set 
it was time to train the waitstaff.
 they were attentive and eager to help.
 Luckily the Ohio contingency pulled in just before the instructions.
They even brought a bag of spare shoes.
the salads were placed 
on the counters with care
in hopes that the entrees soon would be there
 Not only were the waiters and waitresses 
in top form,
they were also entertaining!
(dinner AND a show)
 I will admit to honestly being worried 
about a cake that looked this good.
Would it taste good, too?
 It DID.
Not a crumb was left when the evening was done.
 Today I am grateful to be part of such a fun and loving village.
Hooray for the family that PARTIES together!


ellen said...

Will your village cater my wedding when I have one?!?

shirlgirl said...

Super job, super meal, super day! Super helpers, too.

LL said...


Smilin' sunshine said...

Wow! That looked like a HUGE party! Fun to see Connie!

Aaron H. said...

WHO organized all of that? Oh, right.