Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, Monday

So good to me.
It's raining.
The snow is melting.
I can see patches of grass!
Madge (our refrigerator) is clean.

...and while I was cleaning her, 
I finished [listening to the audio version of] The Blind Side by Michael Lewis.
It was a great story.
You might be shocked to know that I have not seen the movie.
But less shocked to learn that I don't really care that much about football.
I like it, and I'll watch it maybe once or twice a year, but really, I'm more of an environmentalist. As in, I take in the whole football environment, rather than just the game itself.  You probably wouldn't want me on your quiz bowl team if the questions were going to be all about the game of football.
With that being said, I will happily report that I really, REALLY enjoyed this book.
The author does an excellent job treating the reader like she knows everything about the game, and yet walks you through with explanations that take care of the part of you that doesn't.  It's a good compromise, I think. When Mr. Dub listened to this book and LOVED it, you got it.  He's a football guy.
When Mr. Dub's wife listened to this book and loved it, I'll tell you it's because I'm an aficionado of a good (and extraordinarily TRUE) story.
And I'll bet it was still better than the movie.


Smilin' sunshine said...

Books are usually better than the movies! I think, in this case, that is true for sure! Although I loved both!

LL said...

I have to agree, the book normally wins.
I did like this movie, such a great story!

Becky said...

We own the movie if you are interested. :) SO glad Madge had a cleaning.

Jo Jo said...

I haven't seen it either, but will now!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Books ARE always better, but Sandra Bullock's performance should absolutely not be missed.

Doran & Jody said...

HEY! Great minds think alike. We cleaned out our Madge on Saturday. I never thunk to take pictures and blog about it though. Dang! I'm always a day late.