Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A drive in the country

Yesterday I took a drive out to Petersham to see my friend Karen.
It was a tranquil drive, and a fun visit.
I even rubbed her perfectly shaped head.
I hope if I ever lose my hair, that my head will look as good as hers.
She finished her first round (20 weeks) of chemotherapy, and is having surgery next week.
I felt like singing, all the way home:
"Those blue days (for Karen) all of them gone
And nothing but blue sky from now on"


Jo Jo said...

Good thing for you to do. Staying positive is great as well.

Doran & Jody said...

What a good service.

I hope the best for Karen.

rad6 said...

Some days I would like to put your brain and your heart inside of me... I would just like to borrow them for a day or two, I would for sure return them.
You are awesome.

LL said...

I agree with rad6. YOU are an amazing lady! I admire you so much.
What a neat day--Karen probably really loved your visit.
Nothin' but blue skies!!!!

April said...

What a wonderful friend you are!