Tuesday, March 1, 2011

These things are Good

Saying my good-byes to the kids as they went off in their three shifts to school, and then curling up on the couch for 90 minutes for my second sleep.

Perusing the fresh fruit at the grocery store and bringing home papaya, kiwi and starfruit; and a potted cluster of tightly budded mini daffodils for the dining room table, still waiting to open.

Dressing up to spend time at the dentist (and walking away relaxed, not traumatized).

Two kids, six months, no cavities!

The Book of Enos

Monday night treats

A letter from our missionary.

Listening to Enrique talk about how he and his brother are like Sam and Sniper, our cats.


Billy Blanks Groove 'n' Burn Latin dance workout.

Finding an extra bag of bagels in the freezer

Having a broken car in the driveway, and no where to go.


Jenny said...

Oh. And a good haircut.

LL said...

did you go get a good hair cut? ;-)

your list caused me good feelings inside...thanks

Becky said...

Occupado makes me smile. Is that MY car in the driveway? :) Sorry...hopefully that's remedied soon.

shirlgirl said...

Hey, Becky, did you forget that it died in the driveway at Jenny's? What ails it? Good list, Jenny. Today the sun is shining in my den window. I have to go to the bank, mail my tax stuff to the accountant, and this afternoon go for a laser treatment to my left eye. Hope the outcome of that is good. Great that there are no cavities for your children--they must be doing something right!

Jo Jo said...

Wonderful, comfortable place to be ;-)

Janssen said...

I love a second sleep!