Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not your typical date night

That's what I wake up thinking most Friday mornings.
We made it through another week.
Talking with Dub on the phone earlier in the day, we decided it would be good to plan an outing.  Just the two of us.  You know, a change of scenery;  a DATE.
We ate dinner at home with the crew, and by the time we were finished cleaning up, I was so full, I couldn't even imagine trying to go out for A.N.Y.thing to eat or drink.
So we laid down on opposing couches with our feet up, and chatted for a while.
We envisioned having the kind of children who would spontaneously start rubbing our feet and our temples.  Then we decided to get on with reality, and our date.  Enrique was out on a date of his own, so we left the house with Mesquite at the helm.  She has some pretty innate mothering skills.
We pulled out of the garage, and as I slid into my already-warming seat; (Dub knows I love me some toasty buns) I think it was smelling the leather that gave me a flash back to age 24 when he picked me up for our first date in his slick black supra with the leather seats.  I smiled.  We've put some pretty decent mileage on our relationship since then.
We made it the three-and-a-half miles to Movie Stop, where we imagined browsing the old TV series aisle for some "new" old family entertainment.  We made it as far as the parking lot, and my cell phone rang.  It was Mesquite.
"There's someone knocking on the front door!" she sounded a little panicky.
Me: Just don't answer it.
Mesquite: Ummm... -pause- M(orning Boy) already did! He said it was Dad.
Me: Dad's right HERE, with ME.  We're on a date, remember?
Mesquite: I know! But M said it looks like dad, so he started unlocking the door.
Me: Well, lock it back up and don't answer it. (we have a policy in place that when no parents are home, you don't answer the door)
Mesquite: No! ...and it's pretty obvious they know we're all in here... (the house was lit up, and we also have cute little windows on either side of the door that let the visitor know you are approaching the door)
I started to giggle.
Mesquite: Mom!  You're so mean!
Me: I'm sorry.  (I could picture the panic that was surely beginning to envelope the people on the INside) Just take your siblings and go to the bedroom.
Mesquite: No! (You had to go through the front entryway to access the stairs going up...)
Me: Alright.  We're on our way home. -then-  I'll call [our neighbor] and have her come over to ward off the knockers.
Mesquite: Okay.
Me: Where's Rooney?
Mesquite: She's upstairs, plugged into her ipod, completely clueless.
Me: Hmm. Don't you want to take everyone upstairs with her?
Mesquite: NO!
Then there were a series of about three more phone calls, because, Mesquite wanted the lifeline of having us on the phone while the SCARY was going down, but she kept hanging up on us, since she was so freaked out.
Turns out the two most mild-mannered and non-threatening members of our church congregation had stopped by unannounced to pay a visit to the Relief Society President.
The kids were traumatized.
The neighbor was engaged and on DEF CON  high-security-alert.
Our two visitors were very confused.
And date night was, although not boring, very short-lived.


Smilin' sunshine said...

That is a funny story! Glad the kiddos are safe!

Michael Stokes said...

For the record, this was not the HT

ellen said...

Those church people...

shirlgirl said...

Mesquite did the right thing by not opening the door. And, I think the church members should have called ahead to ask if it was o.k. to come by just as a courtesy. Sorry the kids were traumatized--I think I would have been a wee nervous myself. Is there a light outside that door so you could see who was there? Poor Mesquite et al. This is your "concerned" aunt!! Love you!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh for scareysakes!

Poor kids. I think from now on you need to teach them how to use a billy club....or a VT club.

Hopefully you can have a bit of a longer date next time.

Jo Jo said...

Funny! Feeling for the babysitter.

LL said...

poor girl.
I feel her pain! I need to tell her about the time my dad had a crazy lady (patient) stalking him. I was once home alone and she made herself comfortable in our front yard.
I still shiver thinking about it!

Becky said...

I'm STILL laughing. :) Good story. I do feel Mesquites pain. At least you don't invite creepy old men that you don't hardly know to room next door to your daughter! That may or may not have happened to me. :)