Monday, March 21, 2011

ingesting more than fumes at the gas pump

On this first full day of Spring, a jovial fellow across the island at a corner gas station greeted me with
"Nice day today!" (as the snow was falling)
to which I happily responded "YES!... It is." 
(Of course in my head, I'm thinking 'Umm, Hello, it's snowing and COLD')
Then he pushed his gloved hand through the barrier of pole and pump, in which were two Lindt Lindor truffles.
(Non-verbally I wondered: For ME?!?
And he insisted. 
I took one and told him THANK YOU! then admitted that Lindor truffles were my favorite go-to chocolate treat.
He said "I gave up chocolate for lent, but sometimes you just gotta live."
Then, in a moment of letting down barriers and feeling good about just being neighborly, (as neighborly as you might feel at a gas pump) we agreed that life is too short.
He said:
"Thank you for your bright smile; Young Lady, you have a nice day."
kindness goes a long way. (he called me a YOUNG lady!!)
I'd like to put a treat in my pocket tomorrow, and pay it forward.


Mike and Joy said...

Where's the "like" button?!? :-) So neat!

Aaron H. said...

Scary! What if the chocolate was laced with a sedative? What if it was poisoned? No food from strange men!

Becky said...

LAUGHING at Aaron... :) Love the kindness of strangers.

LL said...

love that!!!

shirlgirl said...

I love Lindt chocolates! I think you made his day. He probably needed that nice bright smile. He got what he needed at the gas pump.

Doran & Jody said...

Me too...where is the like button?

What a great idea! I usually have a smile for people but a chocolate?!!

Heading to the store now...