Thursday, March 3, 2011

first off, let me say this.

I grew up in a house where you never locked the doors.
(and now I'm 46)
I'm also trying very hard to OWN the consequences of my actions.
But's it's humiliating.
Makes me feel as responsible as a seven-year-old.
To be wearing sneakers that are falling apart, high-water (polka-dot) pajama pants, my son's green fleece jacket, an old scarf that I considered putting in the salvation army bag just two days ago 
(WHY is parting with lame clothing and accessories so hard for me?!?)
and my daughter's cute pink gloves with the purple rosettes at the wrists.
Oh.  And the pilled fleece headband to keep my ears warm, with my uncombed work-out hair spilling out at every angle.
Not exactly runway material.
On the up-side: I did get my exercise in.
I did vacuum my family room.
I carried in an extra load of firewood to keep the chill off,
on this 19-degree morning with wind.
Then I checked my e-mail.  
I found the answer to a question I've been sitting on for three days, and hurried to put a stamp on the envelope and send it off before the mail truck came.
I threw on the extra clothes (because the walk to my mailbox is NOT quick!) 
and went out through the back door.
I was happy, 
and with the click of that door, 
I was also 
I jogged back from the street, because even with extra layers, it was CHILLY.
When the door wouldn't open, I knew I was hosed. 
Gaining knowledge of my (oh, what? 27th time of being locked-out of the house?) situation canceled out the happy.
The spare-key-at-the-neighbor's-house-option did not work, since no one was at home.
I circled the house looking for a breech in the security system, but people, we are secure.
SO... I ate my humble pie and jogged across the street to the only neighbor's house who I knew would be home, and asked to use the phone to gain access to spare key option #2.  While her dogs made me paranoid, sniffing me in all the places I don't care to have sniffed.  About 10 minutes later, I was inside again and thawing out by the stove.
Let me just end with this:  
I know I should be hiding a key somewhere.
(Don't make me feel more seven than I already do.)


Aaron H. said...

Get one of those plastic or stretchy key ropes that Walmart or Target people always keep on their wrists. Then you can bring a house key with you whenever you leave.

Melanie said...

Ick. I'm glad you weren't stranded out in the cold for too long.

I once left my keys (attached to my flash drive in the computer) at work and my roommate was out of town and we didn't have a spare key hidden anyway. I didn't want to call a locksmith and pay $100, and without my keys I couldn't get back into my office, so I had to sleep at some friends' house and go into work the next day with no make-up, wearing the same clothes. Not my favorite experience, but hey, it could have been a lot worse.

ellen said...

Stop leaving the house. :)

Smilin' sunshine said...

So glad you didn't freeze to death! FIX your problem.....gosh!

shirlgirl said...

Aaron has a great idea. I always take my keys with me when I'm putting out trash, shoveling, or whatever just in case the lock that hold's the door open unlatches and I get locked out. At least you got in--sorry about your mishap. I'm sure it made for an interesting day for you.

Alana said...

Sounds cold, but you even make getting locked out sound like an adventure in your novel. God bless your blogging heart Jenny.

Gretchen said...

I used to have a similar problem locking my keys in a car. I consider the following to be the pinnacle of my creativity: I once broke into my own car using a self-adhesive picture hook, a coleman roasting fork, and three rubber bands. I later invested in a hide-a-key. Glad you are warm!

LL said...

will you still be my friend if I'm laughing?

Doran & Jody said...

Muah ha ha ha
Wait, I'm NOT laughing. I was clearing my froat.

I have the PERFECT solution!!
A couple of years ago I, yes I, installed a new lock that is a punch code. NO MORE locky outy. It is so nice when we go for a run and don't even have to carry a key!!

YES! Let me know when you get it done :)

Darleen said...

I second the idea of the punch code lock!!! No more teenagers ringing the doorbell LATE at night because they forgot their key. However, maybe sleeping through their late and QUIET entry isn't such a great thing either.

Michael Stokes said...

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

We all get old .. er


Jo Jo said...

I too leave my doors unlocked but when my door handle breaks off, as it is now, sometimes I can't get in my front door. As long as
Ranger has been put outside the side door to do his business I'm set, otherwise, life gets interesting.

Becky said...

I LOVE you! The visual was outstanding. Still laughing. Sorry. :) "People, we are secure". Good stuff. Glad you didn't have to be in public for TOO long in that outfit. xoxo