Wednesday, November 17, 2010

college football, where the game is an aside

UMass Band Day.  
WoW! sums it up.
Can you spot Enrique?
Our marching band was part of the half-time multi-bands extravaganza; 
here they were lined up and waiting to perform.
Mesquite was there too 
doing her best fluting, 
alas I never did find her 
despite the monga-zoom lens.
It was a pretty fantastic way to end the season.


Becky said...

Kayla wishes she could have been there for that. I'm sure it must have been an amazing performance!

Aaron H. said...

Hey, and from what I recall, it was a pretty fantastic Saturday night, too!


Jo Jo said...

Cool picture! You did a good job capturing the event, even if your kids aren't so visible.

LL said...

FUN pictures!!!!