Monday, November 15, 2010

My rock-star parents

I found this gem on my camera memory card this week.
Real Lookers.  Movers and Shakers.  Mom and Dad.
Those windshield-sized sunglasses are just to fool the paparazzi.
These two could totally have their own hit show.
After reading a paragraph of my dad's letter to my missionary son this week, I'm pondering what the name of their prime time thriller would be.  Check it out:
This is what life has come to.  Wake up, put the dog out, stub your toe on something, take your pills, feed the chickens, clean the freezer.  Then comes the excitement.  Take a nap, wipe the counter, let the dog in, get the mail, do a cross-word puzzle, take a nap, get the eggs, let the dog out, check the temperature, pay some bills, fill the car with gas, let the dog in, check the calendar, take off my pajamas and put on my jeans and shoes, start a fire, read a while, let the dog out, watch some tv, get my pj’s back on, go to bed.  Dream about cowboy cookies and carrot cake with raisins.
I know, right?!?


LL said...

these rock stars have groupies...
I'm one of them. They are such good people!!!
And after all of the years of service and hard work....they deserve a little down time like your dad described in the letter.
Although, he doesn't have me fooled....I'm certain there's a lot more to their day. I know they're busy playing and serving. We need more people like them in the world!

Jenny said...

I know!!
I love them to death.
Dad only WISHES his existence were so banal.

Jo Jo said...

I'll admit I'm a groupie. I'd even wear those glasses if I'm in.

Smilin' sunshine said...

I am a total groupie!!
I love them!
I agree with LL....your dad does a lot more in his day that put the dog out!

Becky said...

LAUGHING! That picture is FUNNY! (and so are his letters) :)