Friday, November 5, 2010

Life is just one adventure after another around here.

We love our home teacher and have a good relationship with him.
Most of the time, he goes WAY above and beyond the call of duty.
Take October, for example.
Mr. Dub was ON-THE-ROAD.  A lot.
Enrique misplaced his keys.  A lot.
I am a good share-er of keys.
And there-in lies the problem.
It was easy for me to divide my keys--Noah's ark plus house key, or Toyota and car remote.
Most of the time, Enrique was driving the ark.
One Sunday afternoon, I found myself scooting home from church with our two youngest children, as everybody else had a reason to stay.
When I arrived home, I had no house keys.
Thankfully, our home teacher has a set, and he only lives five minutes away.
A couple of days later, I had to pick up a blond daughter after school, and the timing didn't work out so well. The Elementary school bus got home about 10 minutes before we did.
Mercifully, our trusty neighbors also have a spare key to our house, and the kids let themselves in.
I made a few daytime trips to the temple last month, and thankfully I timed my arrival to coincide with the arrival of HS daughter who has house-key-in-backpack, or I could have been sitting in the car for awhile.
Then, one night later, Dub takes all the Youth Group kids off to church and locks up TIGHT while I'm running around doing the basketball pick-up and library drop-off.
You may already have guessed what happened next:
Home Teacher saves the day AGAIN!
So here's what happens when you neglect to return your spare keys to your neighbors AND your home teacher in a timely fashion, and you continue to be an enabler share keys.
You bid farewell to Mr. Dub one Sunday morning in Sacrament Meeting, as he has a meeting in Cambridge to attend.  You go happily to Sunday School and don't think another thing of it.
THEN, after church when you herd your family to the ark--one-by-one, contrary to the other ark story you may be familiar with--(because Dub has switched vehicles and drives the smaller car to the city) you realize that not only do you not have keys to the big rig, you also do not have keys to your house.
Because they're ALL locked up at home, nice and airport-security-tight.
We casually called our home teacher, to see if maybe he might like to drive the 30 minutes back to church to pick us up.  HE DID!!   What a guy.  Then we enlisted his help to break in to our home.

Moral of the story:
I really don't know, what IS the moral of this story?!?
Don't share?...
Meanwhile, our home teacher might be campaigning for a new assignment.


ellen said...

It's time to hide some keys and/or hope that H.T. never moves.

Smilin' sunshine said...

A device on your garage that lets you type in a code and it opens it?? Key pad?? Love the scissor idea also!

LL said...

I recognize that home teacher guy...lucky you to have such a nice HT'er.
You are FUNNY Jen!

Michael Stokes said...

Never, your one assignment that is never ever boring -HT

Alana said...

I think maybe Ellen has a good point about hiding some keys. He'd have the key to my home-teaching heart after all that.

shirlgirl said...

Love your stories!! I think the key pad outside the garage door to let you in is an excellent idea as long as the door from the garage to the other room is not locked!!

Becky said...

Oh Jen. The scissors to the screen makes me cringe. We had to do that when YOUR husband visited our home after we were returning from a visit to YOUR home. We were locked out and he helped us ruin a screen to get into the house. (sigh) You really do have a great HTer.

Doran & Jody said...

Hey we resemble this post...know what I did?

I went to Home DePOT and got me a key/number punch lock for my front door and installed it muowmself!

Now when I go running or forget my keys in the house I have NO WARRIES! Woot! Best investment we made.

Jo Jo said...

Funny! We just don't lock doors so we haven't had that problem.