Monday, November 29, 2010

Weren't we just doing this in the Spring?

I swear, we were just filling and re-filling prescription after prescription for strep throat... and then it was summer, and KAPOWIE!! We're at it again.  A few times this weekend, I told my kids "It's cold and flu season kids; you need to get lots of rest to boost your immune system" (as I was silently disregarding my own good advice).  We had a man down this morning--seminary was a no-go for him; we have an appointment this afternoon to visit the doctor.  On the bright side, the strep patient went back to school today.  And Lo!  An email from Real Simple appeared in my inbox this afternoon, proclaiming the good tidings of 
(we already know) 
I am happy to share them with you (as I take my two daytime sinus softgels and acetaminophen).  My favorites?  Sing.  And pet something (or someone) fluffy.  Make sure your meals are colorful--at least three colors on your plate (red, orange, yellow and green are the preferable hues).  And of course, there's the mandatory rest and relaxation, which some of us aren't very good at.
I'm off to sing Christmas carols while stroking the cats--visions of rest, relaxation, strawberry smoothies and colorful meals dancing in my head.  THINK.HEALTHY.THOUGHTS.


Becky said...

Ahhhh....laughing over here. :) (not at your sickness) Seriously though, do I HAVE to pet the pugs? Music is on, my dinner has FOUR colors tonight AND I'm resting/relaxing. But the PUGS? How about Ben's elephant, does that count? xo

Jenny said...

to update: strep test #2 came out positive. Antibiotics started; let the lysol-ing commence.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Man, that makes me to rest and relax!

Get better soon, it is getting close to Christmas!!!!!

Christy said...

So sorry for your woes! That smoothie does look enticing though, it would make me feel amazing too..
unfortunately I am too lazy to make it for myself tonight! Sickness has a way of motivating you don't you think. Sort of mixed up isn't it.

Jo Jo said...

Craving that smoothie in pink! That's about the only thing pink I"m interested in right now.

LL said...

Amy Jo and her fear of PINK make me laugh!
Happy Healthy Thoughts to you!!!