Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're keeping track

Welcome to our one good idea for the summer.
We're writing it ALL down.
Yesterday was day #8 of summer vacation.
It rained.
We took a trip to the H.S. to un-hem marching band pants, and then delivered the 45 uniforms to the dry cleaning establishment in a torrid downpour.
S******h came over.
C*****n came over.
H***y came over.
C******n called.
The kids are taking turns recording what happens (of note) on each day.
It's a family journal (sort of) and it encourages writing, both of which are great.
I adopted this idea with one MAIN purpose in mind... when the summer's half over and I start hearing the complaint "We haven't done ANYTHING fun this summer!" we'll pull out the book and start perusing its pages.
(Remember that day when we all carried the marching band uniforms from the van to the dry cleaner in the pouring rain?!)
P.S. No one has complained (so far) that it has rained every single day of vacation.
It's like visiting Seattle without buying the expensive plane tickets.


LL said...

YES! It's as if we've all taken a nice vaca to Seattle. I like that approach.
I like your journal idea...taking band uniforms to the cleaners sounds like loads of fun. ALTHOUGH, i'm picturing you guys making it an adventure. and laughing about it all...

rebecca said...

I've had the SAME Seattle thought...LOL:) I've always wanted to visit, so now I'm glad to check that off my dream list. Great idea for the vacation journal. If that fails, you can remind your kids that they lived in Seattle for several weeks in early summer (I'm optimistic that the sun will actually shine & we'll come home to NE beach-friendly summer days soon).

shirlgirl said...

From what I understand, Seattle is having New England weather, or what we should be having--SUN!! I did see it peek through a couple of times today. I'm trying to get my roof done and the roofers have been here twice. Hopefully tomorrow they can get more done. They have to be finished by the 10th of July as we go away on the 11th for a week. Hope you're able to keep the little people busy with all this rain. I'm going to try to catch up on my gazillion soaps which I've been recording. I'd do better if I stayed off this computer! I knit while I'm watching so I am doing something.

Joy said...

What a great idea! I should impliment something to that nature. It's good to remember the fun of summer vacation!

Jo Jo said...

It is a great idea! Too bad we're all apart - I'll have to be reminded for next year. It will be fun to read when it's over and cold. And yes, I had the same Seattle thought myself!

Macy said...

We're glad to be in Virginia and escaping the Seattle weather. I love the journal idea.

And I also wanted to tell you that you won the photo shoot with me. Thanks for your comment! Let me know when you would like to schedule it.

Christy said...

Great idea! I will start this at my own home, never too late!