Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"It sure doesn't feel like July today."
(as heard from the mouth of a seven year old boy at the dentist office this afternoon)
But we're eating like it is!Zucchini survived the dank and dreary.
We're eating the first pick of the season tonight.

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Wed Jul 08 .Scattered T-Storms .66°F .56°F .50%
Nothing better than a Citrus Margarita Cooler
to go with chicken shish kebabs!
(Thanks Kraft Kitchens, for the terrific recipe)

1 tub CRYSTAL LIGHT Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix (we used equivalent 2-quart amount of country time lemonade. We like sugar)
1-1/2 cups cold water
1/2 cup cold orange juice
1 Tbsp. lime juice
5 cups crushed ice
Make It!
PLACE drink mix, water, orange juice and lime juice in blender container; cover.
BLEND on high speed until drink mix is dissolved.
ADD ice; cover. Blend on high speed until thickened and smooth. Serve immediately.

Loved by ALL.


rebecca said...

All we have harvested is romaine and snap peas, both delicious, but the garden is otherwise SLOW going this year. We need SUNshine. Your kabobs look like a great dinner & that drink...YUM!

rebecca said...

PS...You're welcome to come to our enrichment tomorrow evening (7pm) at Sheryl Nixon's. Julie Berry is coming to discuss her novel, The Amaranth Enchantment, as well as nurturing our creativity & interests. Whitney will help guide the discussion. It's going to be wonderful! We invited our YW...if you want to bring your oldest daughter she'd probably enjoy meeting Julie. Julie will be bringing copies of her book for purchase and will sign personal copies of her book as well. We'd love to have you!

Becky said...

please, please, PLEASE make that drink for me this weekend? pretty please???

nanci said...


shirlgirl said...

Dinner looks great as does the drink. Mr. M looks like he's enjoying it. I think zucchini survives everything. One minute is two inches long and two days later, you have one a foot long. Love zucchini. It's great to make zucchini parmesan as well.

Science Teacher Mommy said...


Christy said...

it is the special drink cup that makes it taste even better..seriously!
Our garden is slow slow this season too, hopefully soon. Yum for you though!