Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach, Beach, Baby!

I woke up this morning longing for another bit of yesterday.

We drove two hours north
and spent the day at Lake Winnepesaukee in NH, and loved every relaxing minute. My eight-year-old even convinced me to swim out to the dock with her, where I judged several jumping and jiving, I mean diving contests.

Part of me wanted in on the grown-up Scrabble action, but I didn't want to miss the fun in the sand and water, so I casually and intermittently observed. I loved that my mom and my two sisters were there.
I missed it already so much this morning, that I had to hurry up with the first part of my day so that we could drive the 10 minutes it would take to get to our little town beach this afternoon. And like yesterday, I secretly enjoyed the fact that my youngest cried when it was time to leave. He loves it, too.

This morning on Segullah, the blog post was about going to the beach. I connected. I am drawn to the beach when it's summer. I love to make sandcastles, adore listening to the waves, and the salty taste of the sea breeze is lovely.

I even tolerate the sand in my suit. It's a reminder that I've spent the day doing something relaxing, and sharing something that I love with people I love. We're keeping track of the books we read this summer; I'm thinking we should really be keeping track of our beach days... although our summer journal helps us do that. I heart the beach.


Sherry said...

We could see the ocean and the harbour from our flat in New Zealand. We went for walks on the beach a lot, although we rarely stepped foot in the water because it was so cold. I miss the beach a lot. A lot.

ellen said...

If I could swim or tan I'd probably like the beach better. And I'm from So. Cal. Go figure.

The Mormon Monk said...

I heart that sandcastle that Hunter and Mason built. I only wish that my boys would help/not prevent me from building such magnificent creations!

shirlgirl said...

Great post and nice that all of you could be together and fun in the sun and sand.