Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lovely distraction

Meet "Shelter Me." My mom passed it along to me and told me she loved it. I put it on top of my reading pile and will admit that I did some eyeball rolling when I opened the pages to discover that she had blacked out every swear word in the book. She was already sheltering me from the objectionable content, and I love her for that. If you decide you'd like to read the book, I have a censored copy all ready for loaning. For the first 200 pages or so, I found it a bit annoying. Even my daughters, as they would peek over my shoulder, commented on how distracting it must be to try and read around words that were blacked out. I did get used to it, though, and stopped trying to figure out what had been censored, and appreciated the labor of love on my behalf. I loved that the setting of the book was so familiar and comfortable. It was like reading about people in my neighborhood. My three favorite things about the books were:
1. Learning about Pology Cake (and cookies).
2. The gradual crescendo of the theme of forgiveness, and
3. Tug
I really liked it. Definitely PG-13. (But I'm not going to recommend that my 13 year old read it)


ellen said...

I have a great black out story to tell you tonight. :)

Jo Jo said...

Maybe I'll take a peek at it this weekend.

LL said...

THAT is so funny. Good for your mom...who would have thought to black out the word?! She's a good woman!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

"Shelter Me?" Did you catch the irony there?

Ben said...

I wonder if Mom is going to sensor my book too when it gets published. Perhaps she'll black out the naughty words this August when I give her my pre-published version :)

Sorry - did I just ruin my image? Yes my book has some swear words in it. I am nearing the finish line! I am on my 4th major draft but that really translates to like 20 plus when you count how my times I edit each chapter inbetween drafts.

Did I tell you that I've already started book two? I love the opening - very engaging.