Friday, July 3, 2009

I do love a good celebration

Boston on the Fourth is SPECTACULAR.
Big city, big crowds, big music, BIG fireworks.
This year, however, we're going smaller.

I married me a small-town boy I've nicknamed Backroad Bob.
This year's Fourth of July celebration will be geared towards pleasing the small town part of us.
If any of the following sound enticing to you, PLEASE. Join us~!

*An award-winning Parade (where, it is rumored, you can bring squirt guns to defend yourself against parade participants who squirt the spectators)
*Chicken BBQ, burgers and dogs
*Mud volleyball (spectator status only for me)
*A Cannon muster
*Horse pulling
*A fiddle contest in the big barn (I'm looking forward to this being a highlight of my day)
*Cowboy Mounted Shoot-Out Demo
*Watermelon eating contest
*Grand finale fireworks

All of this will be in NEW Boston, New Hampshire. Parade kicks off the festivities at 10am.
Do come find us!
Happy Fourth-ing to you, and may you enjoy your independence. I'm grateful to be able to participate in whatever kind of activity my free self desires.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! We however will be hang'n around the homefront and going to the local pool, and enjoying local fireworks from out backyard.--JOY

shirlgirl said...

Have fun. We're going to Wareham to a cookout with some friends. Maybe to Walpole tonight for the fireworks. All depends on whether or not we get a thunderstorm, then I'll remain home.

VW Family said...

Jenny, my dream Fourth-of-July would be to come to Boston and go to the Pops goes the Fourth celebration. I watched it for so many years on Fourth of July with nursing babies and toddlers who were afraid of fireworks. So one of these days I want to see the real thing in Boston! Enjoy the holiday with your family! Love, Heidi

LL said...

FUN!!!! to me, that sounds better than Boston. I love a good small town celebration.

Wiggles said...

Jenny-you always come up with such great ideas. How did you find out about New Boston, NH. I live here and didn't know they had such a fun celebration. Perhaps I'll see you there. Kathy

whitney Johnson said...

Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July!

I love seeing pictures of your darling kids!

Marilyn said...

So where's the pictures?