Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The party (and post) that wouldn't quit

The weekend of fun. The H******s Family Reunion 2009 (provident living style).
Let the story be told.

No family gathering is complete without the burgers. And a grill master. We had both at our fete. I thought it appropriate to start a post about a family party with a picture of FOOD. We consumed a LOT of food during our sojourn together. There were moments when the women were not working.
Here is one of those moments, captured for posterity.
And post-eer-iors:
LOVE the shot of the pool party onlookers.
There was a rare bit of resting happening...
But mostly it was full-on chaos.
Take the s'mores portion of the party, for example.
Can't you just feel the crazy wild beast coming out in everyone?
Of course technology was present... to amuse and to sustain.
I'm throwing this one in because I think this particular man is irresistably charming and delicious.
Garden lettuce was consumed as fast as it was washed.
This bowl, once full to the rim with pancake batter, was emptied rapidly.
No family gathering is complete without the service project.
We speed-stacked two and a half cords of firewood.
Junior Godzilla made an appearance--there really was a bit of everything!
Again with the food.
Much chess.
Jumping. Bouncing. Yelling and Screaming.
And simultaneous competitive volleyball matches.
Keeping an eye out for trouble.
One of our favorite guests: The party potty. Also known as the tinkletorium, the plopper palace and the H******s House of Horror. I granted a few get-in-the-house-potty-for-free-passes.
Men, Young men, ice cream and the stories they told. (And a teddy bear)
Having free reign at the sundae bar.
A community of family, food and fun.
Really, it was FABULOUS.

After the house was deserted, one of the locals expressed sadness that it was over. In honor of the feeling of togetherness that went missing, we had family prayer (all eight of us) on the mattress that night.


LL said...

what a great group of people~
looks like a blast. I especially love that Godzilla showed.

Becky said...

I love your pictures. Hey...no family picture at the end? Thanks again Jen...I have a check coming to you. :)

Wiggles said...

What great fun you all have when you get together! Were all the families there?

Joy said...

The Utah Hutchins were missing. So sad... looks like you all had a blast. We were thinking of you. here's to 2010 - we WILL be coming out. Last hurrah before Roger Jr goes on his mission?

ChefTom said...

Looked like a hoot and a half. That is a party I would have loved to have crashed for an evening.

ellen said...

Wow -- that looks like a lot of fun!!!

Jo Jo said...

2010 sounds like a good idea! Maybe a little earlier? Nice pictures and thoughts - mine are so different! (pictures not thoughts) Check coming from me as well.

Alana said...

How'd you have time to take all those great pictures Jen? Thanks for all your hard work. Maybe this week you can take a breather. I think I speak for everyone when I say we loved it.

Jane said...

How Fun! We are packing to go up to our family reunion. There is 79 of us now...Just my parents, children and grandchildren.

Did everyone stay at your house?

shirlgirl said...

What a fun time for everyone. Glad everything worked out so well for you. Nice that all the cousins could be together.