Thursday, May 21, 2009


Teenage boy drove two miles yesterday, from our driveway to the home of a friend. I had my trusty sidekick Toddler boy with me as we accompanied the fledgling driver on his quick trip. The route between point A and point B was probably THE most winding and narrow road in all of New England. It was gorgeous outside, so my passenger-side window was open. As we rounded one particularly treacherous corner, the school bus suddenly appeared, on the errand of delivering two of our girls from school. The piece of road between bus and van suddenly disappeared. In a split second, tree branches were reaching INSIDE my window and being stripped of their leaves as we maneuvered past the mammoth bus at what felt like Mach 10.

"AAAAAGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I said.

From the rear I heard "Cool! There are leaves in the van!"

Then I managed "I'm scared! SLOW DOWN!"

To which Toddler boy said "Woah! ... THAT.WAS.AWESOME!"

If it weren't for the stinging on my face from the branch-whipping I took, I might have thought I was dreaming that I was in a cartoon sequence of Mario-Cart. With bonus points. Sheesh.


Darleen said...

We, too, have a "fledgling" driver and after way to many scary experiences I refuse to drive with her until she has completed her 10 hours of driver's ed with someone who's PAID to risk his life each time he gets in the passenger seat with her. My nerves just can't take it!

Smilin' sunshine said...

You write awesome posts! So creative!

Jo Jo said...

Ah yes, I'm only on my first driver. He doesn't like to drive fast or turn corners so I've felt very safe with him on the road.

Joy said...

Oh I can wait for ours!

ChefTom said...

Send them all to Arizona, I'll teach them, our roads are wide and straight and the curvy ones are slow and in the mountains.

LL said...

I'm starting to have a complex. DO YOU DELETE MY COMMENTS???
I left two this morning and now they're GONE!
maybe I've been out of the blog world for too long and I've lost my commenting skillzzz.
this post of your made me LAUGH!

Becky said...

FUNNY! (not the face lashing - so sorry about that one) I can't even THINK about Kayla driving. SCARY! She managed to fall off the risors last night at her choral concert. Surprised? Ya...didn't think so.

shirlgirl said...

Going a little too fast? Time to slow down and drive defensively, especially on narrow roads. Sorry about the face-scratching from the branches. Hope that was a lesson for the driver to be very careful.