Saturday, May 2, 2009

plant a seed

I woke up Friday with an agenda.
I had some errands to run, and a couple of places to be, so I loaded up my traveling companion and off we went: the goal was to check off some boxes.
I drove this road to take a short-cut to my destination and it changed the course of my day.
I was SO struck by its beauty, I ended up driving it FOUR times.
I made a special trip home to grab my camera.
I LOVE New England roads. This one was so amazingly in bloom and festooned with the blossoms and bulbs of Spring, I had to pull over and get out.
The flowers were actually passing peak, but still so breathtaking that I wanted to find the person responsible for this labor of love and thank them. I'm sure I'm not the only traveler who was breathless with gratitude.
Experiencing something this sweet made me want to share it.
I want to plant seeds of kindness that will make others feel as happy as this road did me.
It made me think about sowing seeds in faith; planting gospel seeds and sharing them with those who cross our paths. It's a labor of love. We hope the harvest is joy, for those who will pause long enough to witness the beauty.

When Jesus ministered in Galilee, a multitude gathered by the sea to hear Him teach.
He taught them of a sower who planted seeds in different kinds of soil.
He spoke of a parable, written in Mark 4:26-29, that focuses on what makes a plant grow.
In his parable, the sower plants in faith, and harvests with joy.
May we plant seeds, both physically and spiritually,
experience the joy of the harvest, and share the beauty of it with others.


Joy said...

A wonderful post and great things to think about. Thank you for sharing and turing around to get your camera.

Jane said...

Jenny, that is so beautiful! Was that there in your town, or one next to you? (not sure if you wanted me to share the town you live in) I have to agree with the beauty of New England!! Makes me want to move on back there.
Thanks for getting your camera so we all could partake of the beauty.

shirlgirl said...

What beautiful pictures!! I would have stopped as well just to drink in all the beauty of those spring flowers. I love this time of year with the flowering trees, tulips, daffodils, and the forsythia (the pretzel tree that Mr. M asked you about in your garden) which is such a beautiful yellow. Thanks for sharing God's beauty with us.

Becky said...

these pictures are beautiful. i can't wait to get out of this prison and be able to enjoy the outside again. :) thank you for sharing. these truly are breathtaking.

Jo Jo said...

Just what I needed on this dreary, rainy day. Glad you stopped.

Marilyn said...

Where was that, gorgeous!