Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love my sidekick.
Yesterday on the way home from grocery shopping, he was parched like a nomad in the desert so I promised him a drink of water AND a popsicle upon re-entry. He gladly accepted both. He pulled out a purple twin pop, and asked me if I wanted to split it with him. "Absolutely," I said "Purple is my favorite!" After taking a lick I found myself thinking out loud: "Hmmm... this isn't what I thought it would be." His curiosity was peaked, so he asked "What did you think it would be?" I said "Grape."
He said "Maybe its from a different world. Maybe it comes from the one next to our world."
I never thought of that.


Jo Jo said...

I've often thought my popsicles came from the other world. What? That's hysterical! Love the Masonisms, keep them coming!

LL said...

the boy his FUNNY!
still laugh about his comment when we pulled into the little park, "well, THIS is boring" after leaving the BIG park
Cracks me up.

Becky said...

Can I borrow him for a day? FUNNY!