Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I passed this tire swing while rushing to an appointment.
I wanted to park the car and take a flying leap; swing back into my youth, let the breeze move my hair and feel the weightless sensation in my stomach as it carried me up and down, back and forth.
I should have, but I didn't. I pulled out my camera instead and just imagined it.
I need a strong "push" to stop living in the rush of a schedule and step into the joy of the moment. Have you felt this way?


Becky said...

JEN! You missed your opportunity! Didn't you hear that swing calling you?

LL said...

YES! Fun, you should have.
I feel that way when I see a hammock...they call to me.
The farmer just put a swing on our tree, you're officially invited to swing on it, ANYTIME!

Jo Jo said...

I love tire swings! Only back and forth, no turning around in circles, though.